Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (LAHPERD) was founded in 1934 with the intention to improve the quality of life for the people of Louisiana through health, fitness, and recreational activities. The members of LAHPERD consist of teachers, administrators, dance instructors, recreation supervisors, fitness directors, college students, allied health specialists, exercise physiologists, and athletic trainers and are found in 64 parishes (counties) and 24 universities in the state.


The aims of the Association are consistent with the purposes of general education and relate specifically to health, physical education, recreation, and dance (HPERD). They include:

  1. To provide for a sound and meaningful program based upon the inherent capacities of the individual for optimum development.
  1. To contribute to the individual’s understanding of one’s role in a democratic society and in the world at large.
  1. To provide the leadership essential to the continued development and improvement of quality programs in HPERD.
  1. To awaken and stimulate an intelligent and comprehensive interest in HPERD.
  1. To provide leadership and experimentation and to disseminate accurate relevant information to the profession and the public.
  1. To promote sound community relationships leading to necessary support for HPERD.
  1. To coordinate and encourage activities of local organizations in the state and to cooperate and/or affiliate with the district, state, regional, and national organizations.
  1. To raise the professional standards of the Association through the upgrading of teacher preparation and utilization of other appropriate opportunities.
  1. To support and promote efforts that advocate legislation in HPERD.
  1. To develop leadership skills in professional and future professional members.