Our organization is organized into divisions, sections, and committees. Each division represents the major disciplines within health, physical education, recreation, and dance; each division is comprised of sections that represent the more specific focus areas of the division. In addition to divisions and sections, we have a number of committees that are responsible for carrying out non-division-specific work of the organization.

All division, section, and committee leaders are members of the Board of Directors; however, only the Executive Committee and division leaders hold voting privileges.

Current members are encouraged to become involved with the organization through divisions, sections, and committees. Any interested persons should contact the appropriate vice president, section chair, or committee chair. All contact information is available in our Board of Directors’ directory.

  • Action Network
  • Advocacy Committee
  • Archives
  • Auditing Committee
  • Awards (Honor Awards)
  • Awards (Special Awards)
  • Community Liaison
  • Constitution & Bylaws
  • Convention
  • Convention Exhibits
  • Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sport
  • Legislative Wellness Day
  • Louisiana Department of Education Liaison
  • Media
  • Membership & Development
  • Mini-Grant Program
  • Model Schools Program
  • Necrology
  • Nominations & Elections
  • Strategic Planning
  • Tour de Fitness